Menfriends is Christchurch’s premium venue for guys and one of the best in NZ. Seriously, it is.  Come check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it.  You need to be 18 years or older and into other guys all the time or part of the time to enjoy the facilities we have on offer.

Menfriends is friendly and chilled, a place for time out and private spaces for fun.  It’s a place where you can relax and be yourself.  Your ethnicity culture and age neither define or limit you at Menfriends.  You only pay once and can stay as long as you like.  Plus, with a Pass Out, you can return for free within the same session if you need to go do something. is our online and on-site adult supply store in the same building as Menfriends but is separate.  It is open to men and women from all walks of life.  Everyone is welcome but sorry, we don’t sell coffee!

Our facilities

+ Spa pool.
+ Sauna room.
+ Steam room.
+ Hot and cold showers.
+ 2 x coffee bar stations. filtered water fountain.
+ tuck shop selling hot food. cold drinks, munchies.
+ 72 personal lockers with hairdryer.
+ free jandals/thongs.
+ free extra towel.
+ phone charging station.
+ 2 x high speed internet PC’s  + WIFI.
+ outdoor heated garden. + dungeon sling.
+ st andrews cross with wrist/ankle restraints.
+ dungeon.
+ two adult movie lounges.
+ sling with observation window.

+ unlimited condoms and lubricant + stocks.
+ private shower with douche facility for hire.
+ services noticeboard.
+ total blackout orgy room.
+ sucktorium.
+ multiple play spaces, private and public.
+ fully air conditioned.
+ mirror room.
+ ropes + wall mounted blindfold with cuffs.
+ adult store on site.
+ daily newspaper.
+ pass-outs.
+ pool table.
+ multiple adult movie screens.
+ weekly sexual health clinic.
+ coffee lounge w/ satellite TV.

Refresher towel on departure

Towels to fit all sizes

Our Customers feedback

A very pleasant Saturday afternoon with 2 (separate) gentlemen. I have a soft spot for the mature so I was in my element. Great facilities. Jacuzzi (Spa). Steam Room. Sauna. Private Rooms. Free beverages. Will visit again. Thanks to the 2 staff members.
Alaric S.
Hi team. I've been attending mf for six months now. I just like to say a big thank you to all the staff for their help and for making me feel welcome. The complex is great, I enjoy the spa an coffee an playtime. Thanks for being there.
Brandon P.
I lucked in on Sleaze night..omg ome..speechless! Thanks, your venue made my trip to Christchurch worthwhile!
Congratulations on a world class venue. The fit-out, from the outside to walk in and to the lockers is really something. A very impressive locker area with glass wall, wets look dynamic, and upstairs is cruisy and interesting with an amazing bondage area! This venue could be anywhere and do well. Best of all your Staff are brilliant.
Ty Dovans
357 Sydney City Steam - Owner
Estuve de vacaciones en Christchurch y pase con la idea de relajarme un rato... Me sorprendió el lugar, el servicio, y poder hablar Español como si estuviese en casa!
Class act! Really fine facility, whether for relaxing or playing. Clean, nicely kept, well run, friendly staff.
Jim Hirschinger

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Our Access Policy

We would like to welcome everyone but we accept that we can’t. For this reason we have an Access Policy, our T&C’s for access and use of the facility. Menfriends is a Private Club; despite extensive measures to ensure your safety and security you enter at your own risk and we reserve the right of entry at all times. The purpose of our Access Policy is to ensure the health welfare safety and comfort of every client, venue Staff and to ensure the operability of the venue. We are assisted in this by CCTV in public areas only. Menfriends was created for and admits only those with male genetalia over 18 years of age. Nobody else. Guys with a physical disability please note that the venue is not suitable for those with severe physical disabilities or who require support or lifting assistance. Wheelchair access is provided to the entire ground floor including the spa sauna steam zone and adult movie lounge only. There is no wheelchair access to the mezzanine level. Those with social, behavioural or intellectual disabilities and those who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will not be admitted or permitted to remain on the premises. Determination of disability and the impact it might have on the client, the venue and other clients is the sole judgement of Venue Staff at all times.