Cyber attacks are not just for the big boys; both this website and are now in rebuild mode after our entire online presence was lost.  Fortunately no client information was compromised; just deleted.  Many of our clients know us personally and have been our clients for many years so we would like to offer the following products until Altsexcafe re-launches.

To place your first order this way please email us at

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For additional security supply your card details with your initial order only.

We will continue to get purchases delivered overnight and thank you for your patience and understanding.  If there is a product not shown here that you know we have, email us and we will get back just as quickly to arrange.

All prices include GST and delivery.

RU 10ml $33

                                   LG 10ml $33 RD 10ml $33

VT 10ml $33

PH 10ml $33

KNK 15ml $38

HRD 15ml $38

DP 15ml  $38

EXP 25ml $40

HO 25ml $40

WS Gold 270g  $28.50    WS Vit E 270g $26.50

AM 15ml $33

DV8 25ml $45

RV 10ml $33

AMG 25ml $45