Afternoon Sleaze Party

May 9, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific/Auckland Timezone
427 Tuam St
Phillipstown, Christchurch 8011
New Zealand
+64 3 381 1818

Sleaze Party’s are a time to cut loose, have some extra fun and get seriously LAID

Dress code is strictly Nude OR Underwear OR Fetish (something that gets you horny) over the entire venue.  This means that you, along with everyone else, will either be naked, in jocks or in fetish wear the entire time. We have spare jocks available if you’d rather trash ours than the ones you’re already wearing.  This is a VERY sexy event!  Guys walking around with hard-ons is normal.  We offer a free shot on arrival and a cold drink or two to help things along.  Lights down and extra sound with lots of horny guys can only mean one thing – you WILL have fun at this; your chances are ridiculously high.

Sleaze Party is held monthly on the first Saturday night and Afternoon Sleaze on the second Thursday afternoon of every month (replacing Underwear Party on that day).

Towels are issued for all sessions and should be kept with you at all times, for basic hygeine and practical purposes. If its a NUDE session your ‘dangly bits’ must be on show! If its a UNDERWEAR session, your Underwear must be on show!
We suggest you just drape the towel over your shoulders.

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