Every Saturday

very popular weekly session held every Saturday until 6pm.  Everyone must be completely naked during this session – no exceptions.  A great chance to relax in the company of other regular guys who are all naked and relaxed – just like you will quickly be.  This is sexy chilled event that is always very popular.
Don’t worry about getting a hard-on and not being able to hide it – that’s kinda the idea!

Every Thursday

Another very popular dress coded session operating every Thursday from 11am through until 6pm.  Wander the entire place in just your jocks – just not in the spa pool showers or steam room where you wont be wearing anything at all!  If you are an underwear fan you’ll like this session a lot and any style of underwear is cool. Don’t worry if you forget your hottest jocks..we have some very sexy spares if you’re up for it.


Saturday 05 August, Saturday 02 September, Saturday 07 October, Saturday 04 November 2017

Sleaze Party is our mother-load of all the events at Menfriends.  Its big and it goes off.  If you can’t get some at Sleaze there is something seriously wrong.  It operates on the first Saturday night of every month from 8pm until 4am in the Summer, 3am in the Winter.  It tends to get a younger crowd but it kicks off early so don’t leave it until 1am to arrive.  Sexy guys in dress code of either Nude Fetish or Jocks going off everywhere is a hot and horny look!  Plus our resident DJ UndergroundHomo keeps the night and the mood as horny as it gets with his trademark dirty sexy beats.  There’s free stuff and Lucky Locker Draws every hour so don’t miss this..its famous!  Sometimes you need to take a chance and let your hair down.  Sleaze Party is that time at Menfriends.


Thursday 10 August, Thursday 14 September, Thursday 12 October, Thursday 09 November 2017

Afternoon Sleaze is just as horny as Sleaze Party and mirrors everything that happens at that event.  Afternoon Sleaze caters for the guys who can’t get away at night but some guys manage to get to both haha!  Afternoon Sleaze runs every second Thursday of every month from 11am – 6pm. Its well worth a Thursday afternoon off.
Dress code options: Nude or Jocks or Fetish.