MF is for guys into guys – there’s a big difference.

It’s full of guys just like you actually, like the guy down the street and that hot guy in the team you played last week.

A good question but a lot of people do.  At Menfriends you pay for the use of the venue, nothing else.  Any person asking or offering payment for sex will be asked to leave.

It’s clean, it’s horny, it’s safe, it’s warm, it’s open all hours, it has useful free stuff, friendly staff who wont ask awkward questions and is much cheaper than a motel.  You will always ‘have a place’ at MF – for hook-ups or rentals.  Best of all it has private rooms with lockable doors and squab beds where you can get busy.

When you’re horny and can afford it.  A visit to a place like MF is always ‘take it as you find it’ in both numbers and types of guy.  Some visits you will be spectacularly lucky and it all works for you.  Other times it’ll take a little longer.  We are not a Drive Thru!  If you want a guarantee, hire a rent-boy.  We do not respond to questions like ‘are you busy?’ and ‘how many are in there atm?’ 

Yes, its as good as any other place to find a partner.  We have many couples in our present and past client list.  A guy who is open to a little more than sex will usually give you clues so listen carefully if you are too.  A lot of guys only want sex; that’s very normal.

Yes, you can. Either arrive dressed up or dress up after you arrive. We’d suggest you hire our Luxury Bathroom if you are shy about getting changed publicly.

Menfriends suits guys who are comfortable with themselves, guys who like a little privacy and fun, who like getting out and having the chance to meet other guys in a safe secure and very sexual space.

Hahaha… NO!  Any person found asking for or offering payment for sex will be asked to leave.  BUT..  you can bring someone with you who is paying you for sex.   We will always be discreet and treat you both with the same respect that everyone else receives. If you have yourself a rent boy but no place to get busy – the same applies.  No awkward questions are asked – we only need a first name from everyone who comes in.

That’s because most of our clients don’t park right in front of our building.  They should because as its under a security camera it’s a lot safer. Most of our clients park in the surrounding streets and walk the last 100m.

Yes! As the busiest sex on site venue in NZ you can safely say it does. When it gets busy nobody knows, including us, but Special Sessions are always popular.

If you only want to meet 18 -23 yr olds Menfriends probably will feel like its full of old guys – to you. Menfriends is a venue for adults.  We get ALL ages over 18 at different times and we never know in advance who is going to be on site at any particular time.  As a hospitality venue our patterns are similar to any other hospitality venue.  Enquiries about client numbers client ages and best time to come will be ignored – sorry! 

Yes, you can. You will be treated and receive the same services as anyone else coming to the venue.  See our Access Policy.

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