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Yes, we do, and lube – both are free of charge.

Yes we do.  Other than for Special Sessions where the dress code is stated, the following Dress Code applies:

Towel Only or Towel and Top or Fully Clothed 

Menfriends caters to guys seeking the company of other guys in a safe exclusively male environment. Bisexuality is far more common than many of us realise. Menfriends is a down low way to check it out.

IF it happens, saying “hi” is a good start.  After that just forget it and get on with having a good time – they will.  Most guys who come to Menfriends are quite happy to keep their being there private and respect that everyone else likes it that way too.  Chances are good that he wont want you saying anything either.

No, any expectations are your own.  Communicate your limits and desires with whoever you meet; most guys are happy to just get their rocks off whichever way.  A lot of guys like some things but not others so you only do the things you want to do.  Sex probably won’t happen with every visit as we cannot guarantee you will meet someone you like.  If you are reasonably flexible you’ll have a very good chance every time.